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"We believe that first comes friendship, then trust, then business"

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At least once a year we organize a conference. The main focus is informal and cozy networking. We believe that first comes friendship, then trust, then business. We are therefore looking for conference venues where one can relax and engage in informal activities together. A kind of business holiday among business friends.

More advanced are our online conferences. Periodically we organize an online conference where our members are able to have one on one meetings online with other members from their own office location. We organize the calendar and an online platform. This gives you an extra chance to once again speak in a casual and noncommittal way with your business friends.

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Financial Covrage

Financial Covarage


Logistics World Network Ltd operates a Financial Coverage deposit. Of each silver and gold member an annual $ 500 of their membership fee will be added into the Financial Coverage deposit. When a bankruptcy of another (silver or gold) member occurs, this member is reimbursed up to maximum the amount present in the deposit. When multiple claims, it will be prorated.

To make this possible, we pre-check the financial status of the silver and gold members. If you are not credit worthy one will only get a bronze membership.

Members Database


The Logistics World Network Database is a sophisticated database of all its members and its staff. One can easily and intrinsically find partners and friends. We ask all our members to add photographs. Not only of their business but also the profile pictures of its employees. It is peoples business in the end. Recognize each other is important. This creates trust and recognition.

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