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"We believe that first comes friendship, then trust, then business"

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a Friends Network


Collaborate with your friends has its advantages. More confidence, less risk, and you can ask each other for advice. It makes our job a lot more fun. The conferences will feel more like holidays than work. Everywhere in the world you can have a drink with friends. In the end, you grant your friends your trade more often than strangers.

Friends Network

We Are

Reachable for Everyone


Logistics World Network is for everyone. We understand every budget. Not everywhere in the world companies have unlimited budgets for travel and membership fees. Therefore, we have differentiated our memberships. We have an entry level membership, the bronze membership. With a small membership fee and low entry requirements, we make it possible to step in easily. When you find a financial coverage very important, we offer a silver membership.$ 500 of your membership fee will be added in the Financial Coverage deposit. Finally, for members who want exclusivity we offer a gold membership. These members have an exclusive right for a port.

It is clear that there are entry requirements for Silver and Gold members. We will check their financial reliability and credit worthiness and for gold members we will check if there are no other members in particular port present.

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